The modules on this site are designed to support the development of curricular and co-curricular activities that incorporate experiential learning. For additional information about experiential learning at the University of Toronto, visit the Experiential Learning Hub.

Student Modules

The University of Toronto student-facing experiential learning modules available under ‘Student Modules’ are designed to support the achievement of a broad range of learning outcomes in the domain of experiential learning. Course instructors and staff developing and delivering experiential learning activities for students can use these modules in various ways to support course and program outcomes. Visit ‘Student Modules’ to learn more.

NOTE: These student-facing modules are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License so that they can be adapted and adopted widely.

Additional Resources:

  • Instructor Resources on the Experiential Learning Hub
  • Other Projects that have developed experiential learning projects at the University of Toronto
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